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How Do Custom Signets Work?

If you would like to showcase your brand on one of our custom wax Signets, you just need to follow steps below. Custom Signets take approximately 6 weeks to receive once your order is placed. 

Submit Your Signet Design

Download our Wax Signet template and place your logo how you would like it showcased on the Signet. Please note on the drawing what portions of the design you would like embossed and debossed. Submit your artwork and once we have review we will send you a proof for approval.

Request A Quote

Request a quote using this form. Once your artwork has been approved a quote will be created and emailed to you. On the quotation will be a one-time charge for creation of the embossing core that is used to emboss the Wax Signets. There is a minimum order quantity of 10000 pieces for custom Wax Signets. Follow the link on the email to your custom Wax Signet order page.

Purchase Your Signet

Submit your payment information and your custom Wax Signet order will be placed.

Receive Your Order

Approximately 6 weeks after your order is placed your custom Wax Signets will arrive.

How do standard/stock signets work?

Choose Your Design, Color and Quantity

Choose which stock design best fits your packaging needs, then choose your stock color and quantity of Wax Signets. There is a minimum order quantity of 1,000 Wax Signets and they are sold in increments of 1,000 pieces.

If you are unsure about which design or color is best for your brand, you can order a free sample card here.

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