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Question & Answer

Q: I am considering the Wax Signet, but do you have any recommendations for how I should further brand my product?

A: Wax Signets fit very well with a branded cork, as your branded information compliments the clean look of the Wax Signets. We especially like the look of a Wax Signet with the vintage date branded on the side of the cork. This way the vintage date of the wine is visible when the bottle is lying down.

Q: What size wax Signet should I use?

A: We recommend that you use an 18.35 Wax Signet with an 18.50mm internal bore neck. If you are using a smaller internal bore neck then we recommend the smaller diameter Wax Signet. If you have a drawing of your bottle you can share it with us and we can help you pick the correct size Wax Signet.

Q: I am a small producer and want to apply them by hand. How would you recommend applying the Wax Signets?

A: For hand application we recommend a hot glue gun and using an FDA approved hot melt glue.

Q: Do I need to let my bottler know that I am going to be applying Wax Signets?

A: Yes, you should let your bottler know that you will be applying Wax Signets so that they insert your corks a little deeper into your bottle. Your corker should be set to put corks in approximately 3mm below the lip of your bottle. If you are using a custom Wax Signet you should verify the cork depth to match your custom Wax Signet.

Q: Can you make custom color Wax Signets?

A: Yes, we can match any color you require. Just give us your Pantone color number and we can make a custom signet to meet your design needs. There is a minimum order of 10,000 signets for custom colors.

Don't know your Pantone color? Start here.

Q: Can you make custom diameter Wax Signets?

A: We can, but new core diameters have to be created to match your bottle diameter. These custom cores can get expensive, but please contact us regarding the size you are looking for and we might have the size already available. There is a minimum order of 10,000 signets for custom sizes.

Q: Can you incorporate our logo into our custom Wax Signet?

A: Yes, the majority of our clients have custom Wax Signets created with their logos. We need approximately 6 to 8 weeks to create your custom Wax Signets. Please fill out our Custom Wax Signet request form and we will get back to you in regards to your custom Signet design. There is a minimum order of 10,000 Wax Signets for custom logos.

Q: How much does a custom Wax Signet cost?

A: It will depend on whether you want your custom logo on one side of the Wax Signet or both sides. The cores for each side are approximately $750 based on our standard sizes, and a Wax Signet imprinted on both sides requires two cores. Please contact us regarding your project so that we can accurately quote your project.

Q: If I get a custom Wax Signet made, how long will my custom cores last?

A: We can produce approximately 2-3 million Wax Signets with each core. But if we need to produce more cores for a client, there is no charge for your next set of cores as long as your artwork does not change.

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