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Q: What is the minimum number of signets I can purchase at one time?


Q: What files do you accept for signet customization?

Can you make custom color Wax Signets?

I am considering the Wax Signet, but do you have any recommendations for how I should further brand my product?

Can you make custom diameter Wax Signets?

Can you incorporate our logo into our custom Wax Signet?

How much does a custom Wax Signet cost?

If I get a custom Wax Signet made, how long will my custom cores last?

General Product Questions

What size wax Signet should I use?

I am a small producer and want to apply them by hand. How would you recommend applying the Wax Signets?

Do I need to let my bottler know that I am going to be applying Wax Signets?

What should I do if I'm unsure which stock Wax Signet color or design matches my brand?